Deacon Nominations

Jesus is the church’s Chief Shepherd, under which Reality LA practices a shared leadership model of church government that consists of the biblical offices of elder and deacons and a paid staff. Elders oversee and shepherd the church, staff equips the members for the work of ministry, and deacons are mature disciples who minister primarily by discipling, coaching, supporting, and investing relationally in community group leaders in their region of the city.

Our vision for leadership is to have a plurality of elders and deacons in each of the five major regions in Los Angeles who work with regional community group leaders to provide spiritual leadership to the people in their region. To do that, we need more leaders and especially more deacons. We are pleased to invite you to nominate the next set of deacon candidates we will train and raise up.

We believe the most important quality when it comes to leadership in general, especially leadership in the church, is character: we are looking for men and women of Godly character who are committed to the church and can serve and disciple others faithfully. See the links below for more details, then click the button under those to make a nomination.

Read Scripture’s character qualifications for deacons in 1 Timothy 3:8-13
Meet and learn more more about our current deacons and other leaders on our leadership page →
Listen to a sermon further unpacking the biblical model of leadership and office of deacon →

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