Community groups are smaller pockets of people who practice following Jesus together, growing in love for God, one another, and our city. As we cultivate these communities of grace, our love for God overflows toward one another, reflecting God’s love for the world.

What are community groups?


We build meaningful relationships by sharing life around coffee tables and dinner tables, at playgrounds and in restaurants. These friendships are based in a common pursuit: to grow in our love for God.

Founded on Grace

Through the gospel we have been reconciled to God, and thus reconciled to one another. We have found where we truly belong in Christ. Our relationships reflect the grace, forgiveness, mercy, and joy we have received from God.

In Your Neighborhood

We develop relationship with people in our neighborhood and practice being a family by sharing life’s rhythms. We live as a community of servants dedicated to God’s kingdom work in our city.

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For junior high and high school students, RLA Youth offers local, weekly discipleship. To learn more, click here.

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