Calling Versus Narcissism

The way we think about our life’s work has the potential to advance good or to become self-referential. If we focus on understanding God’s purposes and where we can join his work in the world, the results will be very different from self-focused individualism. Jo Saxton looks at the thin line between calling and narcissism, offering Christians a way to view calling through the eyes of God.

Jo is an author, speaker, leadership coach, entrepreneur and visionary. Born to Nigerian parents and raised in London, England Jo brings a multicultural and international perspective to leadership. Having served on the staff teams in churches in the UK and the US, and chaired the board of a non profit organization, today Jo is the founder of the Ezer Collective, an initiative that equips and invests in women leaders. She also co-hosts the popular podcast Lead Stories: Tales of Leadership and Life with Steph O’Brien. The author of three books, Jo’s most recent title is called The Dream of You: Let Go of Broken Identities and Live the Life You Were Made For.

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