IKON | Creativity and the Arts Panel

A pastor, a comic book writer, a mathematician, an actor, a musician, and a TV writer walk into a panel…. Pastor Adam Smith moderates a conversation with creatives from a variety of fields on some of the unique ways the Christian faith intersects creative fields and the arts.

Caleb Monroe is a comic book writer (Batman, Peanuts) and screenwriter (The Mongolian Connection), as well as a deacon and staff member of Reality LA.

Satyan Devadoss holds the Fletcher Jones Chair of Applied Math at the University of San Diego. Before that, he was a professor of mathematics at Williams College, with visiting positions at Ohio State, UC Berkeley, Harvey Mudd, Université Nice, and Stanford. He is a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society, recipient of two national teaching awards, and explores the intersection of math with origami, cartography, architecture, genetics, and design.

Emily Rose is a passionate Seahawks fan, a Seattle native, and has been working as an actress for the past twelve years. She is best known for her work as Elena Fisher in Sony PlayStation’s Uncharted franchise and as Audrey Parker, the lead of Syfy’s show Haven. Emily received her BA in Theater from Vanguard University and her Masters in Acting from UCLA, where she also currently teaches.

Natalie Nicoles is a musician, singer, songwriter, and dreamer born and raised in the foothills of Los Angeles. She does session work around town, and is also a member of the California band Branches.

Gina Atwater hails from Atlanta, GA. She is an Emmy-Award-winning writer of film and TV, currently staffed on the HBO series Westworld.

This is the third of a three-part forum.

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