Youth Winter Camp 2018


What if we could live our lives free from fear? Free from the fear of what suffering we might experience; free from the fear of getting older and more independent; free from the fear of what people think of us?

The bible says we don’t need to fear any person, scenario, or experience we have, because God is the light in the darkness, our hope for salvation (Psalm 27).

God is awesome and powerful, and it’s when we see him for who he truly is that we can let go of our fears and live our lives in freedom.

Our theme for RLA Youth Winter Camp 2018 is “Whom Shall I Fear?” We’ll be looking at the fears we face each day and how God destroys those fears simply by who he is.

RLA Youth is going up to Big Bear. We’ll have times of activities and games, teachings and discussions, worship, and relationship-building. Camps continue to be one of the most growing experiences for our students, and we are praying for God to do an amazing work at Winter Camp 2018!

If you’re a member of Reality LA with kids in middle or high school, sign them up below. If you’re a member of RLA without kids in middle or high school…you can still participate in Summer Camp.


  • PRAY. Ask God to radically change the lives of every kid in RLA Youth.
  • Support kids financially. Many of the kids in our church need financial help. Whether it’s giving $10, or paying for 5 kids to go to camp, everything helps. If you’d like to make a donation to help someone attend the retreat, you can donate through our giving app, Pushpay, by writing “2018 Youth Winter Camp” in the reference section.
  • We are so excited to see God move in the hearts of every student in RLA Youth!

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