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Show Hope Conference

MAY 28 OR MAY 28-29

James 1:27 commands us to care for orphans, and when it comes to the world’s and our city’s orphan crisis there is a place for everyone in every stage of life to help! But we cannot engage best in this endeavor without understanding, compassion, and the specific skills to holistically love and serve this population. In our efforts to serve and love like Jesus, we’re partnering with Show Hope (formerly Empowered to Connect) to provide free, easily accessible, and specialized training for anyone currently or interested in interacting in any capacity with adopting families or children in the foster system.

As we dive into the principles of Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®), which works to promote trust and connection between caregivers and children by addressing physical and emotional needs and disarming fear-based behavior. While TBRI may seem clinical in nature because it involves the complexities of science, Show Hope will help us see it as an expression of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through practical teaching and insight coupled with personal perspectives, attendees will develop the resources and hope needed to begin or continue to journey well with children and families impacted by adoption and foster care.

Not just for adoptive or foster caregivers, this training is for anyone who comes into contact with such children and families in any way (e.g. church, community groups, work, outreach). This is an opportunity to better understand those serving these children and families and their complex needs and be better equipped to walk with them.

The conference will be hosted virtually via Zoom and attendees can choose a 1-day or 2-day option:

OPTION A: All-day Saturday
8:30AM-2:30PM – Modules 1-3
3PM-6:30PM – Modules 4-5

OPTION B: Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon
8:30AM-2:30PM Saturday – Modules 1-3
1PM-4:15PM Sunday – Modules 4-5


• Register by May 23 if you would like a hard copy workbook and resources.
• Register by May 25 if you would like a digital workbook and resources.

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10AM 1309 N Wilton Pl

Hope Center

5PM 4903 Fountain Ave



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