Ordaining New Elders at Reality LA


We believe a healthy church requires healthy leadership and our goal is to have a plurality of elders and deacons in each of the five major regions of LA — Central LA, the Valley, the Westside, Northeast LA, and South County — to ensure the life our church is connected to the leadership of our church. Because pursuing this goal means growing our team of elders, we plan to ordain four new lay elders on November 24. Watch the video at the top of this page to meet the candidates and get an overview of the ordination process.

What Is Ordination?

Scripture teaches it is ultimately the Holy Spirit who appoints the elders of the church, so ordination is a process where we recognize and affirm the Lord’s calling on an elder in the body of Christ. See the video above for further information and watch our October 20 sermon, Jesus Leads the Church, for a more holistic understanding of biblical leadership.

What Is Your Role?

  • Give your feedback. Using the character qualities for an elder described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 as the guidelines for your evaluation, please send your feedback, positive or negative, to pastors@realityla.com by November 14.
  • Pray for the candidates. We believe this process is the Lord’s doing, so we want to ask that he will bless it and guide us through it and that it will lead us to more health and flourishing as a church.