Hope Center Chapel Renovation

As shared on Vision Sunday, over the next few weeks we will be working toward hosting our 5PM gathering at the Hope Center chapel. We are excited by — and overjoyed at — the vision of worshiping as one church at the Hope Center on Sunday evenings as we seek the renewal of our city. Continuing the tradition of preaching the gospel at the corner of Fountain and Edgemont is important to our church and we look forward to facilitating that for many years to come as we settle into the Hope Center even more this year.

A large part of our plan to move the 5PM service to the Hope Center involves renovations to the chapel. There are many reasons this is a logical step for us: the seating capacity is too limited, the technical components are out of date, and many elements have fallen into disrepair.

We’re excited about focusing as a church family on God’s renewing work and rallying to restore the Hope Center, beginning now with the chapel. And we’d love for you to be a part of it!

We’re looking for anyone and everyone available and willing to take direction. Tasks will be varied and communicated in advance. Some of what you can expect is:

  • Moving heavy objects
  • Assisting carpenters with framing
  • Assisting tech vendors with installation
  • Helping build, stuff, and wrap acoustic paneling
  • Clean-up and trash removal
  • Demolition
  • Painting
  • Errand runs

Financial support

If you would like to contribute any financial support, you can do so here: renovation.realityla.com

Volunteer to help

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