Hollywood Winter Shelter

Each year during LA’s coldest months, Reality LA participates in the Hollywood Winter Shelter by helping care for 40 of the most vulnerable men and women living on the streets of Hollywood. We will join First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, Ecclesia, Broken Hearts Ministry, and many others in offering guests warm beds, hot meals, and loving Christian community.

We have committed to providing 28 meals February 6-20. We invite community groups to sign up to serve either breakfast or dinner at the shelter during these two weeks.

Community group leaders: you will have received a link to sign your group up for a time slot to serve at the shelter online. Alternatively, you can meet our Local Missions Representatives Jeffrey Burnell and Sarah Thomas at 11AM or 2PM in the Helen Bernstein High School library on January 20 to sign up.

Then on Sunday, January 27, from 2:30-3:30PM, there will be a training meeting in the library about serving at the shelter which all community group members planning to serve at the shelter are encouraged to attend.

[The original version of this post also listed a fellowship/prayer night on January 18, but the schedule has since changed.]

If you would like more information...

…or are interested in serving, please email me.

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