What we believe about God - our theology - inevitably affects every aspect of our lives. Below are several videos explaining what the Bible teaches, why we believe it, and how we live as a result. The Gospel series is the best place to start, as it explains the heart of Christianity. The Doctrine series describes foundational Christian beliefs, and the Involve series focuses on life in the church.


The gospel is not only the way into the kingdom of God – it is the foundation for all Christian growth. But what is the gospel? And how do we apply it to our daily lives? The Gospel series answers these questions and equips believers to live as people shaped by the good news of Jesus Christ. This series also discusses two practical aspects of gospel-centered living: discovering our identity in Christ and developing habits that cultivate steady growth as disciples of Jesus.

You can view audio and video from the Gospel series below:

Gospel 1: What is the Gospel?
Gospel 2: Gospel for Life
Gospel 3: Union with Christ
Gospel 4: Identity in Christ
Gospel 5: Discipleship
Gospel 6: Discipline

Theology isn’t about going beyond the gospel into the realm of speculation, but rather about delving deeper into the riches of the gospel in order to live in accordance with it. The Doctrine series talks about the grand biblical story of redemption and the key theological truths that arise from this narrative. Topics include Scripture, the Trinity, creation, sin, the story of redemption, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the church, and the end times.

You can view audio and video from the Doctrine series below:

Doctrine 1: Why Theology Matters
Doctrine 2: Scripture
Doctrine 3: The Trinity
Doctrine 4: Creation and Humanity
Doctrine 5: The Fall
Doctrine 6: The Beginning of Redemption
Doctrine 7: Jesus
Doctrine 8: The Holy Spirit
Doctrine 9: The Church
Doctrine 10: The Last Days

Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection reconcile us to God and into the community of the church. So what does it look like to be part of the church? How can you get involved at Reality LA? The Involve series lays out the basics of being a faithful member of the local church as we seek to live in light of the good news of Jesus Christ together. This series also explains RLA’s three-fold approach to ministry (theological, missional, and relational).

You can view audio and video from the Involve series below:

Involve 1: Involved in the Church
Involve 2: Gathering and Reaching Together
Involve 3: Believing, Worshiping, and Praying Together
Involve 4: Serving and Giving Together