Out of the Ashes

In our world of beauty and brokenness, the reality of pain stirs in us a deep yearning for redemption. Our experiences of suffering as well as our times of joy prompt us to search for deeper meaning. They remind us that there is more to life than we can see. Addressing the theme of God’s goodness in the midst of profound grief, the Book of Job grapples with the big questions of life the same way we do today - through conversation and experience. Job teaches us to wrestle honestly with the reality of good and evil, carefully considering God’s purposes, while looking to the ultimate hope found in the person of Jesus Christ.

Faith in the Shadows

Jan 5, 2015   55:11

Suffering and the Hope of Faith

Jan 12, 2015   50:55

The Comfort of Friendship

Jan 19, 2015   47:59

The Trouble with Half-Truths

Jan 26, 2015   50:36

Faith Without Illusions

Feb 2, 2015   51:49

Through the Fire

Feb 9, 2015   51:20

Longing for Life

Feb 24, 2015   46:59

Ethics for a Broken World

Mar 2, 2015   53:09

The Language of Adversity

Mar 9, 2015   51:47

God in the Storm

Mar 16, 2015   49:22

A Cosmic Drama

Mar 23, 2015   49:13

Knowing How the Story Ends

Mar 30, 2015   51:57