East Hollywood Prayer Tour


We believe if anything of significance is going to happen in our city, it must begin with prayer. God’s amazing provision of a home in the heart of Hollywood is both an answer to prayer and a call to continue pressing deeper into prayer as we praise God for what he’s doing and cry out on behalf of our community.

We want to listen to, learn from, and understand each region of our city so we can pray in informed ways. Join us as we meet to hear about the history of Hope International Bible Fellowship and the culture of East Hollywood, and as we walk the neighborhood, praying for God to bring spiritual, relational, and cultural renewal to East Hollywood through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Tour Schedule


07:30PM-09:30PM – Prayer and worship


09:00AM-11:00AM – Session one: the history and culture of East Hollywood
11:00AM-02:00PM – Prayer and lunch
02:00PM-04:00PM – Session two: the history of Hope International Bible Fellowship

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