Our New Home

Unifying With Hope International Bible Fellowship

On August 12, we announced Reality LA is inheriting the people, ministries, and buildings of Hope International Bible Fellowship. While we will still have Sunday gatherings at Helen Bernstein High School, we believe this is a monumental provision from the Lord in our putting roots down in our city and in catalyzing the unique vision and mission God has given us in Los Angeles.

The process of becoming a single family will be one of both preparation and transition, with the ultimate goal of unification. Preparation will mean a season of prayer, listening, and learning as we discern how to continue and grow the beautiful work being done by Hope IBF. Our heart for this transition is that it be a healthy one resulting in lasting unity! Each Sunday, we’ll talk about different aspects of the process — you can find all those videos below (we recommend starting with the two-minute video above, then the original announcement sermon) as well as ways to pray and answers to many frequently asked questions.



Let’s be disciplined in praising God for his provision! Pray that the Lord will guide us through this process, give us humility and a sense of responsibility as we inherit everything from Hope IBF, and use it all for his glory.


What can I do to help?
We love that you want to help! For the moment, praising God for his provision and pursuing healthy unity through prayer is one of the most powerful things you can do. We’ll continue to give you new ways to pray as they arise. And as new opportunities to volunteer and serve in some of the inherited ministries become available, we’ll let you know.

Will we stop having Sunday gatherings at Helen Bernstein High School?
No, we will continue to have our Sunday gatherings at HBHS.

Will Hope’s Pastor Ed Carey become one of our pastors?
Pastor Ed will become a Pastor Emeritus. He’ll continue to shepherd and serve, but will not be an official member of our elder team.

What will we call the buildings at Fountain at Edgemont?
The Hope Center.