Resources During COVID-19

At our core, we desire to love God, love one another, and love our city — even more so in the midst of adversity. In fact, in times like these where an unprecedented global pandemic is altering daily life, we want to share God’s love and peace all the more. COVID-19 is impacting everyone in some way and our desire during this season of potential isolation, fear, need, and devastation is to provide hope through meeting tangible needs where and how we can best do so and equip you to do the same for those around you. With the ongoing changes and restrictions on how we might to engage with others, we’re praying and relying on the Holy Spirit to show us creative ways of accomplishing those two goals.

To start, we’ve included a comprehensive guide with a number of general and area-specific information on food, health, housing, education, employment and disability, business, and technology resources. We’ve also shared four practical ways to serve others below. We’ll be providing updates to these resources and other ways of engagement in the days to come. If you have any questions, additional resources, or creative ways to engage and serve others, please email our Local Missions Director, Charity McCloud, at

Visit the Resources for COVID-19 guide ➜

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