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And the girl with the auburn hair who surprised Liedtke by sealing her mouth shut with tape—unbeknownst to her, she has gone right to the heart of Liedtke’s work. It’s what draws him in, again and again, to investigate faces, postures, places, and spaces—works in progress.

“The things you keep inside,” she writes, “are the things that make people wonder.”

Jeffrey Overstreet is the author of four-volume fantasy series The Auralia Thread. He also writes about art and culture at, and his “memoir of dangerous moviegoing” is a book called Through a Screen Darkly. Jeffrey’s film reviews are published at twice monthly, and at He has written for Paste, Christianity Today, and various other periodicals. He regularly lectures at universities and conferences around the country, on many subjects including Storytelling, Fantasy, Play, and Film Interpretation. He lives in Shoreline, Washington, and works as the contributing editor for Seattle Pacific University’s magazine Response.

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