Abiding in Christ

Pastor Jeremy Treat begins a sermon series on John 15 and what it means to abide in Christ.


In 2019, we’re exploring God’s calling us into rootedness — being rooted in Christ, rooted in the church, and rooted in our city. Our first 2019 series in the book of Jeremiah focused on being rooted in our city and our next series will dive into being rooted in the church, but this middle series about abiding in Christ is the hinge between them: the only way to truly be rooted in our city or the church is to be rooted in Christ.

It also speaks to a much-needed aspect of Los Angeles culture. LA is a frantic city, filled with people who have restless hearts. We’re addicted to accomplishments and don’t have time to rest. But here in John 15, we will learn how to be with Jesus in a world that’s obsessed with doing.

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