Parent/Caretaker Volunteers

Parents and caretakers, it is an honor to partner with you in making disciples who know, love, and follow Jesus. While there are ways we do that throughout the week (e.g. Weekly Family Devotional Guides), the primary avenue of discipleship is our Sunday Kids Ministry…and we’d like to invite you to become more involved by introducing the role of Parent/Caretaker Volunteer!

There are a lot of advantages to serving as a Parent/Caretaker Volunteer:

• More hands-on experience and understanding of what your children are learning and doing every Sunday.
• An opportunity to meet and get to know the Kids Ministry volunteer team who serve your children on a weekly basis.
• Support the volunteer team practically and help deter volunteer burnout.
• Meet and develop friendships with other families in our church.
• Have an opportunity to serve on Sundays with a relatively low annual time commitment.

Our desire is that parents/caretakers try to volunteer at least once every 6-8 weeks in Kids Ministry. When you serve, you (and the rest of your family) are welcome to join us for family breakfast at 9AM in the HBHS Library, where everyone who is serving that Sunday gathers to eat, connect, and pray. Whether or not you attend the breakfast, you will need to be on campus for our 9:30AM Kids Ministry team meeting so we can introduce you to the volunteer team, get you all the information and announcements for that week, and pray together before heading off to our rooms. All the practical details—the daily schedule, your responsibilities during the gathering, policies you need to know, etc.—will all be communicated to you prior to your service week.

You can sign up to serve as a Parent/Caretaker Volunteer at the beginning of each month by responding to the “Needs” request in the Reality LA Kids group on RLA Connect (you can also reach out the Kids Director at if you are having issues).

We look forward to serving with and alongside you!

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