Reality Honolulu Prayer Tour


We believe if anything of significance is going to happen in any city, it must begin with prayer. Prayer tours are an important part of our call to plant churches, so we’re inviting people to join us in visiting and praying for the area. As we study the history of the area and walk through its neighborhoods, we’ll seek to understand God’s heart for the people there, to discern spiritual strongholds, and to call upon the Lord to bring spiritual, relational, and cultural renewal to Honolulu through the gospel of Jesus Christ. The tour will include earnest prayer, exploration of the city, teachings from leaders of various Reality churches, and much more.

Further information about the prayer tour, FAQs, and the link to register can be found at

Reality Hololulu

The Reality family of churches is excited to send out Ryan Hillner and his family to plant a church in Honolulu. Ryan served as a pastor/elder at Reality Carpenteria for many years and he, his family, and other members of a core team have already moved to Honolulu to continue the process of planting this church. We love seeing how the Lord is at work and we want to support and pray for the Hillners and the other members of the church plant in every step of their journey toward planting Reality Honolulu.