Family Connect


As a church, we hope to be marked by the love we have for one another (John 13:35). While Sunday rhythms give us a chance to quickly interact and engage, it’s often just enough time to say “Hi” and “Bye” before we’re back in the car. In an effort to cultivate community and better build relationships with one another and our RLA volunteer team, we’re excited to be continue celebrating Family Connects as a regular rhythm of our church! Our hope is that we’re spending time getting to know and invest in one another so that we can best care for, encourage, and love each other.

Our third Family Connect of 2017 will take place Saturday, October 14, at 10:30AM at George Izay Park in Burbank. This event is designed to be less programatic than previous Connects and simply a fun day in the park together! We’ll be bringing waters, snacks, games, toys, and music. You’re encouraged to pack a picnic and blanket and enjoy the beautiful park with others from our church and community.

While many of our Kids Min volunteers are planning to be in attendance, they will be there to interact with families and kids, so kids will still need to be under parents’ supervision while we are there (so please no dropping off!).

This event is primarily designed as a great time for the families, kids, and RLA Kids volunteers to connect, but all of us are part of a church family and are invested in the lives of families in our church. We would love to have anyone in the church attend! We also encourage everyone to reach out to their neighbors and invite families outside our church (Christian and non-Christian alike) to join us as we seek to live our lives in community in the city.
It is a privilege to serve you, we hope to see you at the event!

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