Adopted Sunday


We are created in the image of an adopting father. Which means that we are not just an adopted people, but an adoptive one. There are many different ways for us to act from this adoptive identity as the family of God, but the first step in doing so effectively is to be informed.

Adopted Sunday is a day for us to focus on children in the foster care system, those who have been or are in the process of being adopted, their families, and those that work alongside such children and families. This is not just an outward-facing way we serve our city, but it is also an opportunity for us to serve our own family by supporting those within our congregation.

On Adopted Sunday, you’ll have the opportunity before and after each of our Sunday gatherings to learn more about the foster care system and crisis in LA, meet and engage with local partner organizations that tackle these issues on a daily basis, tangibly and financially support our second annual Royal Family KIDS Camp, and get more information about upcoming RLA outreach and service opportunities.

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