The Royals

Anyone who believes in Jesus is given a new identity. But not everyone lives like it. God sent His Son so that we might be part of what the Bible calls “a kingdom of priests, a royal nation.” But with those many blessings come challenges. What does it mean to live out of a true identity as a citizen of God’s kingdom? How would that change the choices we make today? In the Old Testament, we learn the ancient story of two very different kings, Saul and David, whose lives provide dramatic lessons about what happens when we live out of who God calls us to be… and what happens when we don’t.

What You Will Become

May 6, 2014   1:01:01

How To (Not) Make Bad Choices

May 12, 2014   59:56

A New Kind of Courage

May 19, 2014   57:14


May 25, 2014   46:34

The Question of Jealousy

Jun 2, 2014   1:00:18

Spiritual Friendship

Jun 9, 2014   54:19

The Crafting of Character

Jun 16, 2014   54:06

When I Am Afraid

Jun 23, 2014   1:01:24

The Wilderness

Jun 30, 2014   56:06

Your Story and God’s Kingdom

Jul 7, 2014   57:07

How Long, O Lord?

Jul 14, 2014   58:27

Lessons in Joy

Jul 21, 2014   40:10