Heather Fischer

Communications Director
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Heather Fischer was born in Florida, but grew up in Olean, New York, where she frequently got to appreciate the town’s formidable collection of four-foot-tall fiberglass squirrels. Though she was raised in a loving Christian home, Heather’s commitment to God was often fueled by a legalistic duty to serve Him rather than a desire to know and enjoy Him.

After high school, Heather began working at a production studio in Tyler, Texas, which specialized in creating content for ministries, musicians, speakers, and large-scale events. Beginning as an intern, she served as a video logger, production coordinator, and intern director before becoming the supervising producer for a weekly TV show. Through many years of working alongside passionate Christian artists, Heather began to see God’s beauty, love, and grace in ways she never had before. God wasn’t simply a King to serve, but a wonderful Creator in whom she could find great joy and delight. It was also during this time that she met her German-born husband, Josua (pronounced Yo-zu-ah).

Heather and Josua began praying about moving to LA several years ago, while still in Texas. Heather first heard of Reality LA through friends, and she began attending Sunday gatherings whenever she was in town. When a staff position opened up within the RLA Communications Department, Heather applied. Now, as Communications Director, she loves helping people use their gifts and talents to glorify God, love our city, and equip the church.

In their free time, Heather and her husband love cooking spicy Thai food and exploring different parts of the great, grand state of California. One of Heather’s favorite ways to connect with God is by swimming in the ocean, where she’s reminded of God’s immensity, beauty, and power.

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