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Arthur was born and raised in Orange County. His dad was a big Christian influence in his young life, but at sixteen he decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, believing the price of success was prioritizing his career as the most important thing in his life. Although God was still a hazy presence in the back of his mind, Arthur thought he’d figured out a great spiritual life hack: “I’ll give my life to Jesus when I’m on my death bed…at 80.” But on December 24, 1998, he realized what he truly wanted was Jesus—a relationship that has grown deeper and closer over the years.

While still living in Orange County, a group of friends invited him to drive up to Los Angeles to visit Reality LA. The following week, Arthur discovered he was the only one willing to do the long commute every Sunday. Soon, not only was he heading up the freeway for church gatherings, he was going early to help set up. Over the years, he’s served most of the Reality LA ministries in some capacity. He’s most passionate about the prayer ministry. 

Arthur’s favorite hobby is transforming his backyard into as lush a jungle as the San Fernando Valley will allow. There isn’t a tree or tropical plant he doesn’t love, especially those growing in Hawaii. 

Today he lives in Studio City with his wife and two children, working on studio lots and in post-production sessions as a voiceover actor. Arthur still loves the entertainment industry, but he loves his Lord Jesus more.

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