Jesus makes you a new person with a new family on a new mission.

Within that newness, there are twelve key dynamics of renewal that create a profile of the kind of disciples we want to be and make:

Follow Jesus

• Story of Scripture
• Knowing God
• Identity in Christ
• Formative Practices

Love One Another

• Healthy Relationships
• Healing from Wounds
• Known in Community
• Belong to a Church

Serve Los Angeles

• Witness to Christ
• Do Justice
• Work with God
• Make Culture

The Discipleship Pathway is not just for new believers, it’s for all of us. It’s not a program to complete, but a way to live. It’s the way we foster a culture of discipleship in all of life as a way of life.

Discipleship Basics

This is a digital tool to create and develop discipleship in life-on-life contexts. These videos, exercises, and discussions will guide you and your friends, your community group, or your family through a whole-life understanding of 
following Jesus.

Discipleship Resources

These are recommended reading, viewing, listening, sermons, and kids teachings to help you explore each discipleship dynamic more deeply on your own.

Discipleship Workshops

Workshops will go deeper into each dynamic in an experiential setting.

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