Spring Animation Project

We are excited to invite all animators to join us March 15-21 to help create a short animation of one of Jesus’ parables that will contribute to a larger Scripture-based animation project for overseas missions. This is an excellent opportunity to participate in global missions from right here in Los Angeles.

If you work full-time, no problem! You can still participate — the project will be done in the evenings. It will start as early as 3PM, but you can join us later than that as your work schedule may require.

Some of you participated in our summer animation project, some of you will be new, and we know everyone’s skill levels will vary. But that’s perfect! It means we’ll be able to grow together and benefit from one another as we create a beautiful story through the medium of animation.

Sign up here

The deadline to sign up is March 8.

After the application process, we request a $100 donation to cover your food for the week.

We’ll also have a night for you to invite friends and family to share a meal with us and learn more about the work being done to share the gospel.

Any questions not answered above?

Reach out to me!

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