Royal Family KIDS Camp


God’s heart is one of adoption. We are made as beloved children; God is our Father, who faithfully draws people into his family. Los Angeles, specifically, desperately needs the family of God to reflect the heart of God to children in the foster care system. We have the largest foster crisis in the United States. There are over 35,000 children in the foster care system in LA County alone. This is heartbreaking. This is not okay…so we’re going to do something about it. One way we’re joining in the work God is doing is by hosting Royal Family KIDS Camp (RFKC) again!

This was a big part of our church life in 2018, but for those who haven’t heard about RFKC, it is a 5-day camp specifically for children ages 6-12 in the foster care system. The week includes zip lines, nerf wars, skits, incredible music, unbelievable photos and recap videos each day, fresh baked cookies and stories with “Grandma and Grandpa,” tea parties, times to talk about Jesus, meals with songs busting forth out of nowhere, a talent show, and so much more.

Reflecting on our first year, we witnessed God shape our hearts and the kids’ hearts through many instances where God cultivated safety and created moments for all forms of emotion (from silliness and joy to frustration and anger) to come to the surface. These moments played out in a lot of ways, but each was beautiful because the kids were listened to, heard, known, and loved. RFKC is not easy. It is not an easy week, but it most definitely is a good week. Making a difference in the foster care system can seem daunting and impossible. We don’t think this one week changes everything…but we know it changes something. We see God’s kingdom breaking through in the foster care system, from selfless foster families to dedicated social workers, and we desire for RFKC to serve as another opportunity to partner with what is God is doing in the lives of these children and in our church.

If this sounds like a big endeavor…it is. We need our church to participate for this to happen. We need you to pray. Pray for these children, for salvation and redemption, for God to reveal himself in the darkness, and for the massive undertaking that is the camp itself.

Thank you for reflecting the heart of Christ to his children!


We’d also ask you to please consider supporting the kids and the camp financially. The camp is completely self-funded so no child has to pay dime to be there. Whether it’s giving $5, or paying for 5 kids to go to camp, everything helps. If you’d like to make a donation, you can do so through our giving app, PushPay. Be sure “RFKC 2019” is in the Memo field.

Camper Applications

If you are the legal guardian of a foster care child and are interested in sending them to RFKC, please email for more information and to receive the camper application form.

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