Pray for Easter 2019


A church that practices prayer is more than a church that learns; it’s also a church that leans. It’s more than a church that knows; it’s also a church that feels. We learn dependence by leaning on God together.

John Onwuchekwa

Reality LA began as a prayer meeting and our corporate life ever since has been built on prayer. We believe nothing of significance can happen without prayer and it’s a powerful way for us to prepare together for Easter.

Ways to Pray

Whether you attend the event or not, please be praying! Here are some specific ways to do so:


  1. Pray everyone being called to baptism by the Holy Spirit will respond, even if called day-of.
  2. Pray the friends and families of those who decide to be baptized will come in order to participate in their celebration.
  3. Pray those witnessing the baptisms but unfamiliar with their meaning will have the opportunity to learn more about the gospel they proclaim and signify.


  1. Volunteers are crucial to making Easter happen — pray more people will have the desire and opportunity to serve.
  2. Pray there will be no shortages in any volunteer teams — that all teams would have the people they need.
  3. Pray people will be led to commit to volunteering on a regular basis beyond Easter and our church would have a culture of serving others.

Good Friday

  1. Pray that many will attend the gathering and experience the unity of co-worshipping with one of our sister churches in LA.
  2. Pray the Holy Spirit will impress upon us the depth, power, and meaning of Jesus’ death for us on the cross and remind us the resurrection hope of Easter is part of a larger, richer gospel story.
  3. Pray for anointing for those doing the readings and the pastors that will be teaching.


  1. Pray families who are far from Jesus or do not know him will come and experience the gospel in a new way through the teaching of the Word and the ways our church loves and cares for them.
  2. Pray the parents and caretakers in our church will experience refreshment and encouragement in the gospel and feel drawn into the life of our church in deeper ways.
  3. Pray the kids of our church and our city will experience and understand the power of the resurrection of Jesus and that the joy of the Lord would resonate in our multi-generational time together on Easter.

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