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Life Cycle of Renewal: Made Whole


The Life Cycle of Renewal is a quarterly framework that helps us engage with Christ’s renewing work in our lives, our city, and our world. For the first half of the year, we set our missional focus on what it means for Christ to meet us in our brokenness, calling us his beloved children, and in our isolation and shame, adopting us as sons and daughters.

While poverty is often defined in solely socioeconomic terms, it can also be experienced in relationships, spirituality, culture, family, opportunities, and other areas of life. Brokenness in any of these areas creates poverty, allowing us to share a mutual poverty in which we can identify with one another. The Lifecycle helps us remember what we’ve received and continue to receive from Christ—that in his love for us, he identified with our poverty; died to set us free from the yoke of slavery, the curse of sin and death; and to make us whole as part of his family forever—allowing us to engage with Christ’s renewing work as we follow him, love one another, and serve our city.

This quarter, we’ll focus on the holistic work of Christ within our hearts and lives. It allows us to get a deeper look into the interconnectedness amongst each cycle, as well as learn and celebrate the work of our missional partners throughout the year.


Missions Sunday

Missions Sunday is a day we bring together the four cycles of the Lifecycle of Renewal. Not just to show their interconnectedness, but also to highlight the work our various partner organizations do and how together they holistically reflect God’s heart for all people.


Christmas with Covenant House and Zoe International

Zoe International is an organization that seeks to bring life, healing, and restoration through the hope of Jesus Christ to children who have been victims of human trafficking in places like Thailand, Mexico, and Los Angeles. At Covenant House, young people find shelter from the streets, basic necessities, and a full continuum of services. Join us this Sunday to buy and donate Christmas presents for the children and youth served by these two ministries!

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