Equip: Finances


The gospel saves us from our sins and makes us more and more like our Savior, Jesus. The heart of this process involves learning to think biblically about God and viewing everything else in light of him, including our finances. Equip: Finances is a three-week course developed to train us to see and approach money, debt, budgeting, giving, saving, and investing from a gospel perspective.

We will take a holistic approach that balances both the theological and practical aspects of the way we view and steward money. We’ll discuss how to care for our finances and our household with wisdom, but we’ll also connect our heads with our hearts and discuss why money’s important — that money is both a spiritual thing and an opportunity for discipline.

Because we’re not just talking about the “what” of money, but the “why,” Equip: Finances is for everyone, whether settled or financially troubled. Maybe you’re doing pretty well, but you don’t have the words to communicate to others why that is or how the same could be true for them. The gospel is inherently meant to be shared, so a gospel understanding of our finances will have a missional heart. Wherever you are right now, you or someone you know will struggle with finances at some point in your life. This course is designed to equip you to care for and disciple one another within your communities with generosity, gratitude, and wisdom.