add_contact Abide Groups: Learning the Spiritual Art of Waiting

Abide Groups: Learning the Spiritual Art of Waiting


We are in a painful time of waiting. Longing. Uncertainty, loss, disorientation — these are traumatic and scary times, there’s no denying it. Yet, while it’s true we’re experiencing some of these things in unprecedented ways, times of intense waiting have been part of what it means to be human since the very beginning.

As the people of God, we see that Scripture shares countless stories of waiting. The story of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for 40 years before reaching the Promised Land. Sarah waiting until her nineties to give birth to a child of her own. Jacob waiting 14 years before being with his love, Rachel. The Apostle Paul waiting over and over again to be released from prison. Jesus waiting 40 days in the desert tempted by the enemy. Just to name a few.

It’s been said that part of living is waiting and that waiting is a necessary ingredient for a life of quality. But it’s hard to hear the truth that our journey will always include waiting this side of heaven. That if we are going to live, we are going to continue to wait. If we’re honest, we’re not too fond of that.

Yet this is where we are, and if we are here then surely God is here.

Each Zoom session will include teaching followed by a time of experiential sharing in breakout groups. Our time together will explore the discipline of waiting, practicing being present, and exploring what is cultivated as we wait:

  • Patience – How waiting teaches us to live life in small increments.
  • Surrender – How waiting offers us a chance to let go.
  • Presence – How waiting teaches us to fully dwell where we are.
  • Compassion – How waiting offers us many opportunities for compassion, both to give & receive.
  • Gratitude – How waiting teaches us to value the small things.
  • Humility – How waiting is a spiritual opening to recognize our powerlessness and God’s grace.
  • Trust – How waiting teaches us to live in trust.

May the God who loves us help us all learn how to wait.

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