Joshua Lamb

Visual Designer


Joshua was born in Conroe, TX and raised in Houston, where he lived until his twenties. From there, he moved to Korea, Hawaii, then LA, with shorter stints in Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, the Philippines, the Amazon, Egypt, and Indonesia. Not bad for a boy from Conroe!

Joshua’s dad was a worship pastor and he grew up in the church. He knew Jesus was real and had even experienced miraculous healing, but he also felt like a weird kid and outcast in a flawed institution. He fell into some bad habits, which he promised God he would stop under certain conditions. God even provided those conditions. But he didn’t stop. He lost his jobs, his home, his friends, his parents, his car, and ended up on the side of the road. Sitting there, with nothing but $10 in his pocket, he heard God ask, “Are you ready now?”

This time he was. Soon his circumstances were restored and he was part of a church once again, where he fully gave his life to Jesus and his mission. He started taking mission trips around the world and eventually moved to Korea to teach, where he met his wife, Charlotte, at a Bible study.

Joshua has always been passionate about drawing, painting, coloring, and video—in fact, doing art was the only way he could focus and learn in school—and his role as Reality LA’s Visual Designer is a wonderful opportunity to both benefit others with his gifts and pursue his long-term vision to transform Christian culture through film and art.

Joshua loves exotic foods (insects or snake blood, anyone?), extreme sports, sarcasm, and interesting experiences of all kinds. He’s passionate about helping the poor and those experiencing homelessness and enjoys doing things that others won’t.

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