Peter Benjamin

Los Angeles, CA

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One of our global partners, Peter Benjamin, serves on the Perspectives executive team as the chief development officer and interim chief communications officer. Perspectives is a guided experience, through a unique 15-week course, designed to help believers discover their role in God’s global purpose. Peter manages teams improving communications and developing new resources that provide support to the thousands of volunteers and students participating in classes each year.

Peter first took the course in 2007. Through Perspectives, he began to put together all the pieces of who he knew God to be and how God had been shaping his life. In 2013, he coordinated his first Perspectives class with Reality LA, and not long after ended up joining the Perspectives national staff to help steward the movement of thousands of volunteers across the country. Peter’s vision is to come alongside churches and individuals to help them discover how they can join God in advancing his kingdom to the least-reached peoples on earth.

Prayer Requests

  • For wisdom and focus as he plans Perspectives’ 2020 national conference for a couple thousand people.
  • For leadership and insight in recruiting and training new Perspectives staff.
  • For God’s blessing over Perspectives’ summer fundraising campaign. It’s the first time we’ve attempted something like this.
  • For clarity and leadership as he pioneers the formation of a new mobilization network for frontier mission organizations.

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