Our goal as the Reality LA staff is to serve and equip our church in carrying out the mission of Jesus Christ in Los Angeles. Here are some brief stories of who we are and how we got here.

Samri Alemseged

Event Coordinator

Jaslyn Dixon

Gospel Care Director

Heather Fischer

Communications Director

Jonathan Fitzgerald

Youth Director

Sean Johnson


Pastor for Music Ministry

Kourtney Kirchmeyer

Pastoral Assistant

Jeremy Lai

Audio/Visual Coordinator

Joshua Lamb

Visual Designer

Robby Lattimore

Musical Director

Caleb Monroe

Copywriter / IKON

Kyle Mueller

Pastoral Assistant

Kyle Paterik

Director of Stewardship

Mike Portland


Pastor for Family, Marriage, and Singleness

Nathan Potter


Pastor for Community

Doug Rominger

Sunday Operations Manager

A.C. Sanford

Sundays Director

Alyssa Santaferraro

Community Groups

Adam Smith


Pastor for Equipping

Becca Stone

Office Manager

Nick Tortorici


Lay Pastor

Jeremy Treat


Pastor for Preaching & Vision

Alexa Weiner

Ministry Assistant

Kevin Weiner

Kids Director

Cody Weston

Community Groups

Hillary Weston

HR Director

Maggy Wong

Benevolence Coordinator

Paige Yim

Social Media Manager