Ty Nickelberry

Ty Nickelberry

Prayer Ministry Lead


Ty hails from West Covina, a sprawling LA suburb located...wait for it...just west of Covina. Raised by a single mother, Ty went to church sporadically as a kid, but didn’t really understand who God is or why Christ died.

Having no direction in life after high school, Ty joined the Navy. He served in New York and the Caribbean, and after leaving the service wandered toward Las Vegas. There he started working on-and-off as both a card dealer and a stripper. Ty stripped not just for the money, but as an attempt to satisfy his heart’s yearning for attention and validation.

One New Year’s Day, Ty woke up after working as a prostitute the night before and, overcome with grief and guilt, decided to stop stripping. Yet his life was still devoid of purpose and he began to do hard drugs.

The turning point for Ty came when he was back in California, depressed, habitually smoking pot, and drinking. His roommate was a committed Christian and eventually Ty asked him, “What’s up with this Jesus?”. His roommate gave him a Bible and shared the gospel. Shortly thereafter, Ty gave his life to the Lord.

Ty became involved in street evangelism and sensed a God-given desire for vocational ministry. After being on RLA’s prayer team for several years, Ty came on staff as Prayer Ministry Lead. He’s excited to see men and women grow in the life and peace that only Jesus can bring.