Kevin Porter

Kevin Porter

Communications Coordinator

Kevin was born. In his particular case, the event occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after which he grew up in Houston, Texas. Raised in a Christian home, Kevin went through the motions (church camp, youth groups, mission trips, etc. etc...) without any real love or affection for Jesus Christ.

Kevin started getting involved in media production when he was an early teen, and moved to Los Angeles to write for TV as part of a university program.

While in LA, though, he was roommates with a serious Christian who became a very close friend. As God worked in his heart, Kevin began to see who Jesus really is. Soon, Kevin was voraciously reading books on theology and delving deep into relationship with God.

Kevin currently serves at Reality LA as a Communications Coordinator. Additionally, he has amassed a vast collection of Bruce Springsteen concert bootlegs, and boasts a full head of bright red hair (that genetically rarest of all hair colors).