The Internship is a nine-month ministry training program designed to equip and empower men and women at Reality LA by providing theological education and practical ministry experience, as well as character development, spiritual formation, and leadership skills. Interns participate in a weekly class, have the opportunity to serve alongside our pastors and staff in a variety of different capacities, and benefit from ongoing coaching relationships with other leaders.

Whether or not you sense God calling you to work in vocational ministry, or you want to develop as a leader in your community group, ministry team, or as a friend, a husband or wife, a mom or dad, or if you just want an opportunity to study the Bible in greater depth, the Internship is an incredible opportunity.

New Class-only Option

Since establishing The Internship four years ago, we have been completely amazed by the work God has done in and through our interns. But over the years we have also realized that the required commitment of serving in the church office was unnecessarily excluding those in our church with families, careers, and other life priorities. So we are thrilled to announce that, for the first time ever, we will have a class-only option. We will continue to have some interns serving in the church office during the week, but for those who want the content, the instruction, and the training of the Internship but can’t commit to serving in the office, you will no longer be prevented from receiving this kind of equipping in the church.


The Internship will begin September 2017 and we will begin accepting applications in the spring. Completion of the Essentials class is a prerequisite. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to email