Phil Schorr

Lead Designer

Phil was born in Long Beach, California, but raised in the great state of Washington, where the trees are always green and the sky is always grey. Raised in a Christian home, Phil grew up with the knowledge that Christ is God, but he also had a legalistic belief that heaven was promised to him if he didn’t drink or smoke.

In His grace, God revealed to Phil that salvation was found not in “being good” but only in the work of Jesus Christ. As Phil has realized more and more his absolute dependence on Jesus, it has changed the way that he looks at himself and others.

Phil has always been interested in art and music, and played in four hardcore/metal/math-metal bands (math-metal?). He realized that he had a passion for design when he started doing graphics for band T-shirts.

After two years of school in Oregon, Phil moved back down to Southern California. That same week an old friend invited him to Reality LA, where he eventually wound up working as a graphic designer.

In his spare time, Phil enjoys practical jokes and jazz. He especially enjoys practical jokes about jazz. Fun fact: Phil’s wife, Joelle, is also a member of Reality LA’s staff. She likes jokes, too.