Devin Deuell

Church Planter

Devin Deuell grew up in Tacoma, Washington, a majestic land known officially as “The City of Destiny” for being the final railroad stop in the west. Raised in a nominally Christian home, Devin obeyed his parents’ code of moral conduct until college, where he then cast off all restraint. But the partying lifestyle failed to satisfy and instead left him feeling empty and alone. Devin longed for salvation and change.

Some of Devin’s college roommates were Christians and regularly invited him to church. When he finally attended a service and heard the gospel, he realized he couldn’t earn God’s approval by his own merit but, rather, by trusting in Jesus’ perfect life and death in his place, Devin could be forgiven and have a relationship with God. He prayed a simple prayer that day: “God, I thought I was a Christian. I can see that I’m not. Please make me one.”

After placing his faith in Jesus, Devin became deeply passionate about sharing the gospel with others. He began pursuing vocational ministry and felt called by God to minister in LA. After months of prayer and encouragement from friends, he and his family (wife Kate and sons Hudson and Elliot) made the move to California – a land filled with sunshine, grizzly bears, and comically-high living expenses.

The Deuells began attending RLA and immersed themselves in community and service. With years of experience in community group ministry, Devin loves encouraging people in Christ-centered relationships. He became RLA’s Community Groups Developer, then joined the Pastoral Residency, a two-year program founded to raise up church planters and equip them for pastoral ministry.

Devin has now completed the Residency and we’ve begun the process of sending the Deuells to plant a new church community in the Westwood region. Reality LA will be ordaining Devin for his new role, and as part of that process we’d like to hear from you. Send your feedback regarding Devin’s ordination to

In his free time, Devin loves playing on the beach with his boys, reading magazines back to front (huh?), and buying and selling junk on Craigslist.