Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about Reality LA. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at

About RLA

Q: Are you a Christian church?
A: Absolutely. You can check out our statement of faith here and watch our video series This Is Reality: Doctrine & Practice to learn more about what we believe.

Q: Are you affiliated with any particular denomination or church network?
A: We are part of the Reality family of churches.

Q: What is your leadership structure?
A: We believe the church belongs to Christ and that He is the head of the church (see Colossians 1:18). Under Jesus, we practice a shared leadership model of church government in which all of our pastors lead together, mutually submit to one another, and hold one another accountable (see Acts 14:23). Additional financial and corporate accountability is provided by our Board of Trustees.

Q: What times are RLA's Sunday services?
A: We have three Sunday gatherings at 9:00AM, 12:00PM, and 5:00PM. Please click here for details.

Q: Why does the majority of musical worship follow the message, rather than precede it?
A: We believe that the teaching of the Bible and proclamation of the gospel prepare people's hearts to respond to God in worship, and we want to facilitate that response.

Q: Where can I park?
A: There are two parking lots for Sunday services: one at Helen Bernstein and the other a few blocks away. The Helen Bernstein garage contains tandem spaces and fills up quickly. Reserved spaces are available on the second level for families with small children, as well as for vehicles displaying a Disabled Person Parking placard. The second lot is only three blocks away and has nearly twice as many spaces. You can find more information on parking at RLA here.
Kids & Youth

Q: Do you have a room for nursing mothers?
A: We have a nursing mothers room with a live video feed so that moms can care for their babies and still watch the service. Please follow signage or ask a volunteer to direct you to this area.

Q: Do you have a children’s ministry?
A: Yes, we do! The RLA Kids ministry is available at our 9:00AM and 12:00PM Sunday gatherings for children up to 5th grade. Click here for more information on RLA Kids.

Q: Do you have a youth group?
A: Yes. For junior high students, the RLA Jr. High Ministry meets Sundays during the 12PM service. For high school students, RLA Youth has a community group which aims to encourage students in their knowledge of the gospel, their relationships with God and others, and their service to the community. You can read more about these ministries on the RLA Youth page.

Q: Do you dedicate children in your services?
A: We do! To get information and schedule a time to dedicate your child, please email

Q: Do you have a midweek service or small groups?
A: While our largest gatherings happen on Sundays, during the week our church body meets in smaller groups across the city that we call community groups. Click here to find a community group in your area.

Q: Do you offer counseling?
A: We have pastors, staff, and volunteers available to provide biblical counseling. Pastors are available in front of the stage immediately following each Sunday service, and you can also request an appointment with one of our trained counselors by filling out a request form. You can find more details on Gospel Care Counseling here.

Q: How can I serve?
A: Thanks for asking! We are always looking for more volunteers to serve in a number of areas. You can find information on volunteering here.

Q: How are you engaged in ministry in the city of Los Angeles?
A: We regularly partner with numerous local organizations ministering in the LA area and are involved in annual community service events like Boxes of Love and Serve the City.

Q: Do you support foreign missions?
A: We support Christians working to spread the gospel in various locations including Romania, South Sudan, and East Asia. We also partner on a regular basis with Child Hope International in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, by sending support teams to work alongside their staff.

Q: How can I contribute financially to the church?
A: If you are looking for an alternative to the Sunday offering, you can donate online here. You can also send a check to Reality LA, PO Box 931625, Los Angeles, CA 90093.

Q: Where does the money go?
A: Great question. We seek to handle our financial resources as frugally and responsibly as possible, with the understanding that they are worshipful gifts that God’s people have given back to Him. We maintain an open-book policy and, though we are not a member, we strive to meet or exceed the standards of the ECFA. You can find more information here.